Have you recently come outside to discover iguana poop in the pool?

If so, it’s essential that you act quickly! These animals’ feces aren’t just gross – they’re also potentially dangerous contaminants, and your pool has already been exposed. 

But, before you panic, take a deep breath. You’ve come to the right place. 

In this guide, we’ll walk you through all the essential steps to take next when it comes to protecting your pool and removing both iguanas and their pellets. Keep reading for all the information. 

Clean and Disinfect

First things first, make sure it’s actually iguana poop that you’re dealing with. Then, once you’ve confirmed the culprit, you’ll want to conduct a thorough investigation of the pool.

Most homeowners find iguana feces in the pool filter or on the tiles around the pool’s edge. But that’s not the only area where you might find poop. If you notice dark spots on the bottom of the pool, you’ll want to remove the foreign object – just in case. 

Once all visible signs of feces have been removed, you’ll want to treat your pool with chemicals that can destroy the harmful RWIs (recreational water illnesses) often found in iguana poop. These include but are not limited to Hepatitis A, E Coli, Giardia, and Crypto Parasite.

How to Stop Iguanas From Pooping in the Pool

The sad truth is that there’s no easy way to stop iguanas from using your pool as their private toilet. So, you’re far better off asking yourself how to get rid of iguanas. 

Despite their friendly and oftentimes adorable appearance, iguanas can be dangerous. They are able to defend themselves with sharp claws and a powerful tail, and while typically docile, may attack out of fear rather than aggression.

Rather than risk a potentially dangerous confrontation, call in the iguana removal pros. You’ll likely have the option to choose one-time removal or recurring service. And, preventative measures can also be taken to scare off iguanas and keep them from returning to your property.

What About an Iguana That’s Stuck in the Pool?

Sometimes, iguanas enter swimming pools and then are unable to escape. So, if you’ve come outside to discover not only iguana poop but the iguana itself, you might not want to wait for a removal service. 

But how to get the iguana out of the pool safely is a challenge.

Offer a stick, branch, or broom handle to allow the iguana to grab ahold of something and scurry away. If the iguana is completely exhausted, it may not be able to make this effort. Use a firm surface to gently scoop the lizard out of the water and place it in the sun.

Then, call a professional removal service to finish the job.

No More Iguana Poop in the Pool

Safe removal and relocation is the best way to prevent recurring iguana poop in the pool. And, like it or not, if left untreated, this infestation will likely grow rapidly. Female iguanas can lay up to 70 eggs each year, with each juvenile reaching mature breeding age by 120 days.

Stop the cycle today! Contact Miami’s experts, Iguana Removal 305 or call +1 305 570 4863. We offer free quotes and fast service to help rid your property of this nuisance species once and for all.  


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