Of all wild animals in Florida, raccoons had the most reported cases of rabies in the last twenty years. 

If you’re like most people, you enjoy spending time in your backyard. But if you’ve been dealing with raccoon problems, that enjoyment can quickly turn into frustration.

Raccoons are wild animals and they can be at best unpredictable, and at worst destructive and downright dangerous. In this blog post, we will discuss some tips for dealing with raccoon behavior and restoring peace to your backyard!

Why Should I Be Concerned About Raccoon Behavior?

These guys may look cute, but they pose a serious problem to Florida residents. Not only are raccoons a major carrier of disease, but they can also be destructive to property. They’ve been known to damage walls and roofs.

Raccoons are also nocturnal, which means they can be very disruptive to your everyday life. They like to make a mess of trash cans, dig through gardens and play in swimming pools. Worst of all, raccoons have been known to attack pets and small children.

So what can you do?

Protect Your Trash

Raccoons love trash.

They’re omnivores, which means they can eat both plant and animal material. For raccoons, that includes food scraps like chicken bones. Raccoons will literally dig through your garbage looking for a meal!

To prevent raccoon problems in your backyard, make sure your trash is protected with a locking lid or raccoon-proof container.

Limit “Hiding Places”

Overgrown shrubs and bushes are perfect raccoon hiding places.

The more of these you have in your yard, the more likely you are to garner the attention of your local raccoon gang.

Limiting raccoon hiding spaces is an important step towards managing raccoon behavior.

Fence It Off

If raccoons are getting into your yard and causing problems, consider fencing it off.

This will not only keep raccoons out, but also other wild animals like opossums, armadillos, and stray cats.

Use Raccoon Repellent

There are a number of commercially available raccoon repellents on the market.

Choose one that is safe for use around pets and children, and follow the directions carefully.

Scare Them With Motion Sprinklers Or Lights

One of the best ways to scare raccoons away is with motion sprinklers or lights.

Raccoons are fairly intelligent, so one “scare tactic” may lose effectiveness over time. You may need to consider multiple approaches.

Cover & Limit Access To Pools

Raccoons love water, as they not only swim but wash themselves and their food in it.

If you have a pool in your backyard, make sure raccoons can’t get into it.

You can do this by covering the pool with a net or placing a raccoon-proof lid on top.

Contact The Professionals

Unfortunately, raccoons are a common problem in Florida. The good news is, there are professional services to deal with them and other wild animals.

If raccoon behavior is causing you grief, contact the raccoon removal experts at Iguana Removal 305 today!


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