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We offer a range of types of services depending on your iguana situation. From one-time iguana removal services for residential homes to recurrent monitoring services for HOA and bigger properties. Read more about our services below:


Tell us about your situation, we’ll check it out, and remove the iguanas from your property. Whether they’re dead or alive, we’ll get rid of your iguana issues.

Preventive: keep iguanas away

If you remove iguanas from your property, make sure they don’t come back. Explore our preventive service to keep iguanas away in the short and long run.


Though iguanas are year-long problems, they become a bigger issue during the summer. Ensure you’re iguana-free all year in any type of property you own.


Iguanas can be amazing pets when you actually own them. But what happens when iguanas invade your home? These pesky reptiles can cause more harm than good to your roof, garden, and other places around your home. If left unchecked, iguanas can destroy plants and vegetables. Luckily, there are tons of ways to get rid of iguanas that won’t affect your home’s safety. Let’s have a look at some of the best ways to remove iguanas and keep them away from your home. 


A group of iguanas are called a ‘mess’ for a reason. Female iguanas can lay around 20 to 70 eggs per year, and each grows within 90 to 120 days making their reproduction and potential nuisance one of rapid growth.


Iguanas have smelly feces and iguanas are known to leave droppings anywhere in your house- patios, swimming pool, porches, etc. 

tunnels & infrastructure damage

Iguanas may cause infrastructure damages by digging burrows eroding and crumbling sidewalks, berms, canal banks, and their droppings can damage decks, pool platforms, and more.


Their droppings can stain and cause a car’s paint to peel off. The damage is to such extent that painting the entire panel (body part) will be required. Additionally,  iguanas are predominately herbivores and have been known to wreak havoc on gardens, especially those with flowering plants.


Iguanas are plant-eating lizards and they’ll eat all sorts of plants including tomatoes, figs, strawberries, hibiscus, and other vegetables. However, while iguanas eat plants, iguanas sometimes prey on small animals such as butterflies and snails, which affects endangered species.  


Iguana feces are known to carry salmonella and other diseases. Having iguanas in and around your yard increases your and your pet’s chances of contracting salmonella.

Iguana Removal Services

As you can see, iguanas can do a lot of damage to you and your property when not careful. We are ready to help you with all these challenges whenever you are. We are always ready to help you get rid of the Iguanas in your property.

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Iguanas will only come to your garden if they can get something to eat or a nice place to burrow. Hence, there are lots of ways to keep them away or get rid of them at once. If your garden is already invaded with iguanas, you might want to rethink your landscaping. This will help keep them away and act as an Iguana deterrent. A few landscaping ideas that will help in iguana removal include: 

  • Build barriers around your fence. Iguanas love burrowing and a simple fence won’t stop them from coming into your house unannounced. Build metal plates beneath your fence a few inches deep and they won’t be able to burrow their way in. 
  • Cut all bushy areas and places with low-growing plants. 
  • Whenever you find burrows, make sure you fill them in with stones so that iguanas can’t get access to them. 
  • Keep the garden clean and avoid leaving food scraps out in the open as it gives iguanas an extra source of food. 


While most folks think iguana invasion in yards is an issue, there is a bigger problem when these reptiles land on your roof. It is not uncommon to find iguanas on roofs and in most cases, they’ll find their way into your house. One of the most decisive methods to remove iguanas on roofs is to spray repellents in the areas frequented by the pesky reptile. Repellents are not exactly harmful to iguanas but they will keep them away from your house. You can choose from a variety of repellents in the market and decide which is best for you. 

You can also get hold of a few iguana traps to capture or scare them away. One interesting way of chasing iguanas on your roof is to use reflective surfaces. Yes, iguanas have a hard time processing their own reflection and most of the time, they get scared and run away. You can get strips of reflective material on your roof to keep them at bay. Other pest traps that can be used to capture iguanas hanging on your roof include snare traps, adhesive traps, and cage traps.

Having preventive measures will help prevent iguanas from entering your house. For instance, sealing cracks in windows and doors ensures iguanas don’t have the chance to creep into your house. Owning a pet can keep iguanas away as they will make noises and try to put them off whenever they see one. Just make sure your pet is up for the challenge as some iguanas are pretty huge and might hurt your pet with their big claws. 

Finally, the easiest and safest way to keep iguanas at bay is to always keep your home cool and clean. Iguanas and other reptiles thrive in warm temperatures and when you keep your home a little cooler, they’ll feel uncomfortable and run to warmer places. Ensuring your house is clean means that iguanas and other reptiles won’t have places to hide or make a nest. 


Florida has a huge iguana problem due to its subtropical climate and it generally lacks natural predators to control the species. That said, it is crucial to know if you can kill an iguana in case you come across one in your home. Technically, iguana extermination is not illegal, but you have to do it in specific ways. The anti-cruelty laws state that you can exterminate the reptile as long as it is killed in a humane manner. If you decide to kill an iguana, you should not make it suffer. For instance, you can’t shoot it with an arrow, freeze or poison it, among other things. 

Even after killing the iguana, you still need to dispose of the body in a way that it doesn’t affect others(e.g leaving it on the roadside). If you decide to capture the iguana, you are not allowed to release it in other locations in Florida. You will be required to carry a license if you want to possess live or captured iguanas. 


As you can see, there are tons of ways to get rid of iguanas. From trapping to using landscaping tricks, all these methods will try to keep iguanas at bay. However, they all come with challenges and you might sometimes catch your neighbor’s cat in a trap, or hurt yourself in the process. And since it is possible that iguanas can carry harmful bacteria, this also brings up health risks. 

If you are not ready for all these challenges, it is best to contact a professional pest removal company in Florida to help you get rid of iguanas. If you have iguana problems, like most residents in Florida, contact  Iguana Removal 305 today and get a free quote for our services. We help manage the population of iguanas all over Florida and we are committed to keeping your property safe and clean. 



Most people have jobs and responsibilities to take care of during the daytime or the hours’ Iguanas are active. Therefore, the most effective way to manage an iguana infestation is to partner with experts to help you deal with this effectively.

At Iguana Removal 305, we know how to implement solutions to effectively eliminate green iguanas from your Florida property. If you have any questions regarding our services and how we can help you with your iguana problems, drop us a message via the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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