As cute as they look, raccoons are not the type of furry animal to have running around your property. Raccoons can damage your garden or lawn with clumsy eating habits going through your trash can, pet foods, and birdseed. Plus, the furry animal can transmit diseases that can be dangerous for your pets. With all the unfortunate characteristics of raccoons, it is possible to keep them away from your home. So let’s take a closer look at ways in which you can keep raccoons away from your Florida home.

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Raccoons can wreak havoc in your home within a few days of the invasion. To understand just how much damage raccoons can do, here is a list of problems caused by these pesky animals.


Raccoons build nests in warm places, and in the process of building nests, they can crack holes and even destroy your wall. Two common areas where raccoons live are the attic and basement.


Raccoons are wild creatures, and at times they attack pets. While larger pets may scare them off, raccoons can be dangerous to pets and can kill small dogs and cats.


The mischievous animals can also destroy your home insulation and affect the HVAC system. Raccoons love warm places, which leads them to places such as insulation areas on your roof tearing down insulation.


Raccoons carry diseases that are not only harmful to other animals but humans as well. Roundworms, rabies (although not so common), and Leptospirosis are common diseases transmitted by raccoons. Ensure to clean up raccoon feces with gloves and do not touch by hand. Raccoon disease transmission and health risks are a big problem.


Raccoons are burrowers, so they’ll dig up holes to look for food. If you have a backyard garden, watch out for holes around plants. These wild creatures will destroy your garden within a few days of their invasion.


Raccoons are one of those species of animals that can “visit” your home at any time. While visiting is not a problem, raccoon invasions pose a threat to human health and sometimes life. That said, most Florida residents resort to trapping and killing raccoons whenever they invade the home. Trapping works, but it seems Florida residents prefer eliminating the wild creature once and for all.

Technically, it is legal to kill raccoons under certain circumstances. Rules administered by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission state that you can only kill raccoons if you hold a gun license and promise to do it humanely. You’d want to use air rifles for a clean raccoon kill. Regular firearms are louder and pose a greater risk if people are around.

Killing raccoons using humane methods means that you ensure there is the least amount of pain inflicted. For instance, shooting certain parts to immobilize the raccoon is not prohibited. However, it would be best to go for a headshot to kill the animal instantly.

It is worth noting that the use of body-gripping traps and poisons to kill raccoons is technically not legal in Florida unless you have a permit. However, you may be given the permit if, for some reason, it is an experiment or if poisoning is the only available method to eliminate the raccoon.

How To Get Rid Of Raccoons In Your Yard

Raccoons are attracted to food, so you need to eliminate all food sources from their vicinity to prevent their unexpected visit. This means doing a few preventive measures such as:

Keep your garden clean, free of litter and exposed pet food.
Seal trash cans to ensure food does not attract raccoons.
Raccoons fear large pets, so it won’t hurt if you have a German Shepherd playing in your yard. Large dogs will not only scare away raccoons but will also alert you whenever the raccoons are around.
Look out for holes in your garden and fill them with stones to prevent the entry or exit of raccoons. Raccoon holes can be dangerous, and if left open, you risk a snake problem.
Trim all trees and clear unnecessary debris off the ground.
However, if you already have a raccoon problem in your home, traps might do the trick. There are tons of raccoon traps online and in stores, so be sure to check out those that seem effective and non-invasive. Although professionals set the best traps, you can get DIY traps that will be as effective. DIY traps are not instant and can take a couple of days to catch your furry friend. If you have an urgent need to remove raccoons, professional help may be the only option.

Finally, there is the option to kill raccoons with an air gun. Air guns are effective, and as long as you have a great aim, you’ll eliminate the raccoon. But killing a raccoon is not as easy as it seems. Once it is dead, you’ll need to find a safe place to dispose of the body. Remember, raccoon kills need to be as humane as possible.


How To Get Rid Of Raccoons In Your Roof

Apart from their good looks, raccoons are excellent climbers, and it’s no surprise many live on roofs and attics. To remove raccoons from the roof, use raccoon repellents (both DIY and professional products). Repellents scare away the raccoons, and in most instances, they won’t come back to your home. However, not all repellents are good to use for raccoons. Mothballs are an example of repellents not recommended for raccoons. They contain harmful ingredients dangerous to you, your family, and pets.

  • Another method is using a raccoon trap. The traps need to be humane and not torturous to the animal. Cool tricks to use include placing metal sheeting around the edge of your roof to prevent them from climbing up. This does not interfere with other pets and, at the same time, prevents raccoons from entering your roof.
  • If you haven’t had raccoons visit you yet, then it may be time to make your home raccoon-free. Before raccoons get to your roof, they will pass through the compound. So, tidy up fallen leaves, trim trees, and keep trash cans closed. If raccoons don’t see any sign of food, they move to the next household. It is that simple.

Solve Your Raccoon Problems

Keeping raccoons at bay is not a walk in the park, especially if they have already invaded your home. But the best way to keep raccoons away is never to let them get in. At Iguana Removal 305, we provide professional raccoon removal services in Miami, FL. Whether it is a one-time invasion or something that has been happening over and over, our team will ensure you never see a raccoon in your home again. We have the latest methods and equipment required to locate, trap, and dispose of raccoons around your home. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today for professional raccoon removal services. We help manage the population of raccoons in Miami and other environs within Florida.

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From the list above, it is evident that raccoons are a real pain for homeowners in Florida. If you wish to find out more about raccoon invasion and their damage to homes, head over to our page for more information.



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