Tell us about your situation, we’ll check it out, and remove the iguanas from your property. Whether they’re dead or alive, we’ll get rid of your iguana issues.


If you remove iguanas from your property, make sure they don’t come back. Explore our preventive service to keep iguanas away in the short and long run.


Though iguanas are year-long problems, they become a bigger issue during the summer. Ensure you’re iguana-free all year in any type of property you own.



Humane Removal

The iguanas are protected by the anti-cruelty law. In order to get rid of Iguanas they have to be euthanized with no cruelty or humanly killed. The service ensures there is no suffering. We follow guidelines and recommendations by the Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Dead iguana removal and disposal

Depending on the city you are in, there are guidelines and regulations on how to legally dispose of an animal carcass. We take care of the heavy lifting and will handle all the elements related to carcass disposal/removal.

Iguana removal with catch pole

This service involves using a special rod like a fishing cane that allows to lazo the iguanas one at a time. It’s challenging because iguanas are really smart (and easily scared) when they notice the presence of someone in their surroundings. It’s not suitable to catch Iguanas in tall trees. This method also increases the possibilities of trapper physical harm and therefore we consider this as a last resort.

Keep iguanas away


Iguanas will feel unwelcome in your property and will minimize ongoing costs of keeping Iguanas away.

Tree Wrapping

This prevents iguanas from climbing up the trees in your property and nesting or living in your property.

Dock Piling Wrapping

This prevents iguanas from swimming and climbing up and spoiling your dock.

Foliage control

Iguanas can jump from one tree to the other, and having enough separation between trees ensures they are not able to jump from your neighbors’ tree onto a tree in your property.

don’t feed the iguanas

It’s unlikely that you are intentionally feeding iguanas. However, fruit trees are a feast to the iguanas. Mangoes and avocado trees offer iguanas a tasty snack with little effort.

Fill or cover up iguana burrows

By filling holes and installing metal screens in susceptible areas, you minimize the possibility of Iguanas nesting/breeding in your property. It’s important to make breeding as hard as possible as every iguana can lay as many as 70 eggs per sitting.



Therefore, several visits are necessary to make sure no iguanas are left on your property for which we offer monthly and yearly services paid every month.

at Iguana Removal 305, we are ready to help

As you can see, there are tons of ways to get rid of iguanas. From trapping to using landscaping tricks, all these methods will try to keep iguanas at bay. However, they all come with challenges and you might sometimes catch your neighbor’s cat in a trap, or hurt yourself in the process. And since it is possible that iguanas can carry harmful bacteria, this also brings up health risks.

If you are not ready for all these challenges, it is best to contact a professional pest removal company in Florida to help you get rid of iguanas. If you have iguana problems, like most residents in Florida, contact Iguana Removal 305 today and get a free quote for our services. We help manage the population of iguanas all over Florida and we are committed to keeping your property safe and clean.

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