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Did you know over 14 million households in the United States have pests?

If raccoons have invaded your home in Florida, you’re not alone! With more access to food and a reduction in predators, the raccoon population in Florida is thriving. As the population grows, the more likely it is for them to get into your home. 

Choosing the right pest removal company is important to rid your home of raccoons for good. Keep reading to learn about the top questions to ask raccoon removal services to help you choose the best one.

Are You Fully Licensed and Insured?

Raccoon removal qualifies as the removal of a wild animal and requires a license in most states. Ask the company you’re considering using whether they have the applicable license.

You should also ask a prospective raccoon removal service if they have general liability and workers’ compensation insurance. The general liability will cover any accidental damage to your property. Workers’ compensation insurance will protect the workers in the event of an injury.

Don’t be fooled by a lower service fee. Make sure the company you choose is fully licensed and insured, and that their technicians are qualified. In the long run, this will save you money and the potential headache of running into major problems.

What’s Your Removal Process?

You want to know exactly how raccoons will be removed from your home. A good raccoon removal contractor should be able to clearly explain the process they use. They can also explain why it’s important to get rid of raccoons from your home and yard.

Be sure you’re comfortable with the process and products used. If there are any chemicals mentioned, ask to see the material safety data sheets. Some chemicals may be hazardous to humans or pets, which you may want to avoid.

Is Cleanup Included?

If you have a raccoon infestation, there will probably be a left mess behind. It requires deep cleaning to rid your home of stains, smells, and nest material that gets left behind.

It’s more convenient for you to go with a raccoon removal company that provides a clean-up service. By asking the question up front, you’ll know if a company provides clean-up service which will save you from having to deal with it yourself.

Do You Offer Long-Term Solutions?

Once you get rid of the raccoons in your house, you want to prevent future infestations from occurring. The best way to do that is by being proactive about pest control.

You should ask if the company provides any long-term solutions. This could include using raccoon repellents or baits. Ask if they’ll make suggestions about landscaping options that make it harder for raccoons to enter the house or roof.

Ready to Find Raccoon Removal Services in Florida?

Now that you know the right questions to ask, are you ready to start looking for raccoon removal services? Asking these questions will help you find the right raccoon removal company for your home.

If you’re looking for raccoon removal services near Miami, Florida contact us today at Iguana Removal 305. Our experts are here to help you keep raccoons away from your Florida home!


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