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Raccoons look like bandits and act like bandits too. They can break into doors and gates, soon making themselves at home. And one place you do not want to find raccoons is in your garden or home. 

After all, raccoons carry diseases such as rabies and roundworm. They also can create a lot of damage, such as chewing through electrical wiring and plumbing. So, if you sight a raccoon in your garden, take action fast so they do not move into your home.

The best option is to call a raccoon removal service. They know how to carry out raccoon removal and ensure it is successful safely. But with over 28,500 pest control services in the US, how do you pick a raccoon removal company? 

Read on to learn how to pick the best raccoon removal service. 

Check Licenses and Insurance

A good place to start is to check the raccoon removal service has the right license and insurance for your state. You do not want to pick someone who has just read a raccoon removal guide and is not qualified to provide services. It can lead to many issues, as raccoons are protected wildlife, check state laws for discrepancies. 

If a raccoon removal contractor has the right licenses, you can have peace of mind they know the best raccoon removal tips and have the expertise to complete removal. And you want them to have insurance, so if anything happens on your property, it is covered. 

Discuss Techniques

You want to check that the raccoon removal company provides humane solutions to capture and remove raccoons. Generally, raccoon removal services now use human removal techniques to reduce the amount of pain inflicted and may provide a raccoon removal guide to explain what happens. The company should be transparent about its techniques. 

Ask About Other Services

What extra services does the raccoon removal service provide? For example, do they implement long-term solutions that reduce the chance of re-infestation?

Pick a service that helps you prevent a recurrence of the problem. Some companies offer a guarantee and guidance to prevent reinfestation. 

Inspection and Estimate

It can be difficult to discuss the issue over the phone. Once you have contacted a raccoon removal contractor, they will come and inspect the issue. Be sure to get a written estimate of the fees and understand what is included. 

If you feel the price is high or the company is not offering a written estimate, look elsewhere. 

Raccoon Removal Service Reputation 

Do not forget to check independent reviews of raccoon removal services. A raccoon removal contractor may look great on paper, but you want to make sure they meet their promises. You can also ask neighbors and loved ones for local recommendations. 

The Best Raccoon Removal Company, Miami

Now you know some ways to choose the right raccoon removal service. If you are looking for a raccoon removal company in Miami, Florida, look no further than Iguana Removal 305.

We have extensive experience providing animal removal services, including raccoon removal. Contact us today to learn more. 


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