Did you know that raccoons can carry diseases that can spread to humans and pets? Not only can these critters transmit diseases, but they can destroy your yard. Those are two of the many reasons to keep raccoons out of your property. 

Have you been invaded by these pesky pests? If you have a raccoon problem, it can get very frustrating fast. Keep reading and learn more about raccoon removal here.  

Get a Trap

If you were wondering how to remove raccoons, the top method involves getting a large trap. But before you do, look into your local laws about trapping animals in case you need a permit. And once you catch the raccoon, you will have to relocate it in accordance with the local regulations as well. 

Block Entry Points

If you need to have a raccoon removal from attic areas or other hard-to-access places, you should call a professional. While the end goal is to block off entry points so that critters can’t get inside, don’t do it yourself even if you think you saw the raccoon leave the area. Instead, have a pro investigate to make sure that there aren’t baby raccoons still trapped inside, too. 

Use Humane Methods

Even if you live in a state where it is legal to kill raccoons and you have a gun license and are tempted to shoot them, you should always try to use humane methods to remove them. Do not use poisons or body-gripping traps that could cause the animal pain and suffering. If you are frustrated by failing attempts to get rid of them it is worth investing in a raccoon removal cost to get them taken care of professionally. 

Raccoon Prevention

One of the best ways to ensure that you don’t have a raccoon problem is prevention. You should never feed wildlife, whether unintentionally or intentionally, so eliminate their food sources first. Secure trashcans with bungee cords or other methods so that they cannot eat your garbage.  

Raccoon Removal Warnings

Never try to corner a raccoon and catch it yourself. Raccoons can be vicious and will attack–and because they can transmit diseases, you don’t want to take this risk. When in doubt, get the help of raccoon removal services. 

Ready To Rid Your Property of Raccoons?

Now that you’ve learned about raccoon removal, you can be proactive and get rid of the raccoons on your property before it’s too late.   Take preventative measures to discourage raccoons from feasting on your trash, and block any potential access points in your home. And if you find raccoons inside your house, call a professional to help you deal with them, stat. 

Do you need help with raccoons on your property? Contact us here for a free quote and consultation. Whether you require a one-time service call or a regular maintenance plan, we can find solutions for your critter problems. 


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