You wake up to a bang in the middle of the night. You hear footprints scattering throughout the yard. You walk outside and find no culprit in sight, but you do find trash scattered everywhere. 

What’s the diagnosis? It’s raccoons. They’ve taken over your yard and now you’re looking for different raccoon control methods.

How can you remove raccoons from your yard and prevent them from coming back? There are a few raccoon control options. In the guide below, you’ll find several of those options to consider. 

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Don’t Make Trash Accessible

The first step to ensuring you keep raccoons out of your yard is surveying your trash cans. You want to take a look at how much trash accumulates in each trash can. Is the trash easily accessible to raccoons?

Keep in mind that even if your trash cans have lids, raccoons can still use their hands to open the lids. If you have a raccoon problem, then you need to find secure trash lids that can’t be easily opened. You also want to remove pet food bowls, birdseed, and any other food from outdoors that raccoons can access.

Keep Your Yard Tidy and Secure

Another added layer of raccoon protection is doing anything you can to make it difficult for raccoons to get into your yard in the first place. Raccoons love hiding places, so if your yard’s full of them, it’ll attract raccoons. Start by removing any and all debris from your yard.

Then, trim hedges and bushes as well. Install a secure fence around your entire yard and individual mesh fences around your gardens as well. 

Put Raccoons on the Spot

There’s no denying that raccoons are critters of the night. They love to travel, invade, and scavenge during the evening hours. When you put a spotlight on raccoons, they’ll want to avoid that light as quickly as possible.

Although you might not be able to stand outside with a flashlight waiting to see a raccoon, you can install motion detector light sensors. Each time a raccoon enters your yard, the motion sensor will detect the raccoons and the lights will turn on automatically, putting the raccoons on the spot and hopefully scaring them away. 

Repel Raccoons Naturally

There are a few ways to repel raccoons naturally as well. Try growing hot peppers in your garden where raccoons like to snack or hide. You can also consider growing onions, peppermint, and garlic to help keep them away as well.

Predator urine spread throughout the yard might warn raccoons to head in another direction, preventing them from accessing your yard also. All options are worth giving a try. 

Contact Raccoon Control Services

Removing and preventing raccoons from your yard takes dedication and effort. Raccoons are smart creatures who’ll jump on the first opportunity they have to get their hands on trash and other food items. To ensure your yard is kept raccoon-free at all times, don’t hesitate to contact raccoon control services.

At Iguana Removal 305, we use professional raccoon control methods to ensure your property is safe from raccoons and kept that way. Contact us today to see how we can help you!


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